Stocznia WISŁA offers:

  • Design, construction including procurement of materials and equipment, delivery of complete vessels of medium and small tonnage, including fishing, research and fishing, technical, passenger and special purpose vessels, up to 90 meters long and 30 meters wide
  • Construction and delivery of steel hulls of any purpose, with steel or aluminum superstructures, including installation of main machinery and equipment.
  • Construction and delivery of sections, blocks, hull modules, superstructures with equipment, with a maximum size of approx. 20 x 40 meters and a height of 28 meters, with a unit weight of up to approx. 1,100 tons
  • Constructions for the offshore industry
  • Heavy and large scale inland steel constructions
  • Pontoons, floating units, ramps, hatch covers
  • Other steel ship constructions

Completed projects



Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o.

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