GEIR Longliner


GEIR Longliner

In November 2019 Stocznia WISŁA has delivered a partly equipped hull of a longliner type fishing vessel.

The vessel, after outfitting at Vaagland Shipyard and handing over to the Owner under the name of GEIR, will be the largest longliner type vessel in the Norwegian fishing fleet.

Main dimensions:

  • Lenth overall:  63,0 m
  • Length p.p.:  57,0 m
  • Beam abt.:  13,5 m
  • Depth to forecastle deck:  11,6 m

The vessel, with total weight for launching - including transport frame and supports - of abt. 1.600 tons, is also the largest construction built on the premises where Stocznia WISŁA is operating - and this area has been used for shipbuilding purposes ever since the year 1888!



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