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Stocznia WISŁA Limited Liability Company was established based on Polish law  and started its formal activity on February 1, 1994 based on the amended Company Agreement of January 1994. Entry in the commercial register was made at the District Court for the city of Gdańsk, XII Commercial Division - Registered in Department B under number RHB - 7720, currently KRS 0000051633 of 09/10/2001.

From the beginning of the operation of Stocznia WISŁA  the Chairman of the  Board was Jerzy Pawlak, and the President of the  Supervisory Board was Roman Kinda, who are also the main shareholders of the Company. The remaining shares are in the hands of employees of Stocznia WISŁA  and Navimor International.

In 2016, there was a change in the company's Management. For the Chairman of the Board of Stocznia WISŁA Krzysztof Pawlak was appointed  and to the Vice-Chairman, Filip Kwaśniewski. The former Chairman, Jerzy Pawlak, became a member of the Supervisory Board.


Stocznia WISŁA is specialized in the design and manufacture of complete fishing vessels, fishing and research vessels, steel modules, equipped ship blocks and hull sections as well as complete hulls and deckhouses.

The offer of Stocznia WISŁA also includes a wide range of special purpose vessels and other structures with different purposes.


Stocznia WISŁA is located on the right bank of the Martwa Wisła River, not far from the fork with Wisła Śmiała River, about one nautical mile from the estuary of the Wisła Śmiała River to the Gulf of Gdansk. Administratively, it is located within the boundaries of the city of Gdańsk, in the Górki Zachodnie district, at Przełom Street 1, at 18 46'50 '' east longitude and 54 21'10 '' north latitude.

In October 2019, the President of the City of Gdańsk has assigned a new address to Stocznia WISŁA:  Przełom Street 21.

In the area where Stocznia WISŁA is currently located, in 1888 a repair base for icebreakers was established. Since then, this area has been continuously used for shipyard activity, at first repair and afterwards production - it should be enough to mention that on the area of today's Stocznia WISŁA over 1.500 vessels of different type and purpose were built many of which are still in operation, praising the name of the Polish shipyard worker on the seas and oceans worldwide.

Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o. is continuing this proud tradition.


At present, Stocznia WISŁA specializes in the design and production of ready-made fishing and research and fishing vessels as well as the production of steel ship constructions, mainly equipped modules, blocks and hull sections, including deckhouses and partly or fully equipped complete hulls of vessels. Its offer also includes a wide range of special purpose vessels specifically designed for different tasks.

From the beginning of its activity, it has been cooperating with many leading European shipyards and with all major Polish shipyards. Together with it's commercial partner, NAVIMOR International Com, Sopot, many interesting and demanding projects have been completed.


The transverse slipway of Stocznia WISŁA allows the construction of vessels with a length of up to 40 meters. Larger vessels, up to 90 m long, up to 30 m wide and draft exceeding 2,35 m are built on the premises of the Shipsection and Hull Production Department, or on a specially adapted assembly stand.

The assembly stands on Stocznia WISŁA quays, thanks to the thoroughly modernized internal borizontal and vertical transport, allow construction of steel marine structures and heavy and large-scale inland construcions of height up to 28 meters and maximum unit weight of up to 1.600 tons.  Deliveries to our customers can be performed on our own pontoon of dimensions 61 m  x  18 m and height 4,5 m, which was designed and built by Stocznia WISŁA.

The modern, undergoing constant improvement equipment and the highly competent staff of Stocznia WISŁA ensure the fulfillement of even the highest quality requirements set by our Clients.


Years 1888 - 1945

The beginnings of today's Stocznia WISŁA reach back into the eighties of the 19th century. In that time, because of the continuous need to crush ice-jams on lower Wisła River, the Prussian Authorities have decided to establish a permanent base for ice-breakers, and also - as the technical part of the base - a repair shipyard.

In In the time between the World Wars the Shipyard was governed by the Harbour and Waterways Council in Free City of Gdańsk, administration under the supervision of the League of the Nations. It was the only enterprise of typical shipyard activity supervised by this International body.

In 1945 the reconstruction of the Shipyard from the war damages begun and already in 1946 the Shipyard repaired the first vessels.

In 1950 the Shipyard became a state enterprise. In 1967 the Shipyard was incorporated into the Union of Sea Shiprepair Yards, and was named Stocznia "Wisła" State Enterprise.

Stocznia “Wisła” became the major supplier of passenger vessels for the Polish “White Fleet” and a significant supplier for the fleet of the Soviet Union.

After the year 1970 a visible production increase can be noted, mainly through the assembly of complex and large vessels with a high degree of specialization. In this time there were built, among others, tankers for carrying fuels and fresh water, military training ships, rescue vessels, inspection and surveillance motor boats, multipurpose fishing vessels. The vessels built in those times were characterized by an enlarged operational range and highly specialized equipment. The export list of countries was enlarged by such exotic countries as Birma, Iraq, Mauritania, Libya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran, which accompany European end-users: Czechoslovakia, German Federal Republic, Soviet Union, Holland, Sweden and Island.

Year 1992 - Establishing of "new Stocznia WISŁA" - Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o.

In 1992, Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company) was established with the aim of continuing shipbuilding activity and preserving jobs in connection with the bankruptcy of the state owned Stocznia "Wisła" as a result of the collapse of cooperation with shipowners from the former Soviet Union. In 1994 Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o. buys from the trustee the areas, buildings, machinery and equipment of the liquidated state owned enterprise. The main investors of the NEW STOCZNIA WISŁA were Roman Kinda - Navimor Int. and Jerzy Pawlak, a prominent shipbuilding designer and CEO of the new company. What is more, a group of employees of the former Stocznia "Wisła" joined the new shareholders.

The Board and shareholders created a new concept of the company, carried out an extensive modernization of Stocznia WISŁA and acquired new customers for its marine production. Navimor Int., shareholder of the company, becomes the commercial and logistics partner of the Shipyard.

The cooperation with many reputable customers from the European maritime industry was established. In 1994 the company starts with the construction of deckhouses and other ship modules for the largest European shipyards, which is continued until this day.

Roman Kinda and Jerzy Pawlak - founders of the New Stocznia WISŁA

In the first half of the 90’s the cooperation between Stocznia WISŁA and Navimor with Nigerian clients is continued. An example was the production and delivery of passenger/vehicle ferries PD-120 which were engineered in CKD (completely-knocked-down) system. The elements of the ferries were built in Stocznia WISŁA, packed in containers and delivered to NIGERDOCK Shipyard in Lagos, where they were used to build the first seagoing vessels in the history of Nigeria.

In 1997 Stocznia WISŁA had a significant contribution in the construction of 3.000 T floating dock built by Gdańsk Remontowa Shipyard for NIGERDOCK Shipyard in Lagos, Nigeria.

In this time Stocznia WISŁA has built a passenger ferry “Odoragushin” which was delivered in 1999 by Navimor to Lagos State Ferries Corporation. The vessel was built on the basis of a ready catamaran hull, thus becoming a sister vessel to passenger catamarans operated by Polish "White Fleet" shipowner Żegluga Gdańska under the names of "Onyx" and "Opal".

Launching of floating dock built for Nigeria by Gdańska Stocznia REMONTOWA

From the moment of privatization of Stocznia "Wisła" there is noted a significant jump in technical and technological capabilities, and also in production quality through computerizing of the whole process of production preparation and technical modernization of production facilities.

Independently from the design and production of complete floating objects Stocznia WISŁA is building partly equipped hulls, deckhouses and other marine modules for foreign and domestic clients.

Over 95% of Stocznia WISŁA production has been made on order of foreign clients, mainly from European Union countries, Norway and African countries.

In years 1994-95 Stocznia WISŁA delivered ship ro-ro ramps for the Swedish company Kvaerner. This contract commenced a new activity of Stocznia WISŁA – construction of SHIP MODULES for West European customers.

In 1995 on the base of hulls purchased by Navimor in Ustka Shipyard two shrimping vessels were built for the Norwegian company Havmannen, and in 1996 Stocznia WISŁA builds a series of fishing vessels for customers in Denmark and in the Netherlands.

In 2003 Navimor and Stocznia WISŁA delivered hull modules with weight of over 7.000 tons for the first two helicopter carriers MISTRAL type, under construction in the French shipyard DCN Brest.

In years 1994-2010 among the customers of Stocznia WISŁA were the following companies:

- J.J. Sietas KG, Germany
- STX, France
- STX, Finland
- VT Halmatic, UK
- Thyssen Nordseewerke, Germany
- Meyer Werft, Germany

On a regular basis Stocznia WISŁA supplies ship modules to Meyer Werft, Germany, the Shipyard being the main player on the market of the largest and most luxurious cruisers. Our customers in Norway are: Kleven Verft (modules and superstructures) and Larsnes (partly equipped steel hulls).

Modules built in Stocznia WISŁA for German shipyards

Stocznia WISŁA specializes in constructions demanding high-end qualifications and high building precision – e.g. construction of a whole stern of a ship which cannot be built using automated processes, or deckhouses made of thin materials.

Stocznia WISŁA builds currently ca 9.000 tons of steel structures per year - which is one of the best results in Poland.

In 2007 we have commissioned the largest investment project undertaken by Stocznia WISŁA - the construction of the new Shipsection Production Department. The prefabrication-assembly area of a total of above 3.600 square meters serviced by a gantry crane of 45 tons capacity and 30 meters lifting height, together with all the necessary infrastructure, will considerably increase the production capacity of Stocznia WISŁA. Also a new quay of 50 meters length was constructed in the area of the Shipsection Production Department, connecting with the existing Bałtyckie Quay, and dredging works were performed in the basin of Stocznia WISŁA in the area of the new quay, allowing safe mooring of even the largest pontoons which can enter Stocznia WISŁA.

Together with the Shipsection Production Department a seagoing pontoon SW 6118 was commissioned - completely designed by the newly formed Design Office of Stocznia WISŁA, and built by Stocznia WISŁA.

The pontoon SW 6118, owned and operated by Stocznia WISŁA, is a significant increase of the delivery capabilities of constructions built by Stocznia WISŁA.

Pontoon SW 6118 ready for launching

The second specializaton of Stocznia WISŁA, unique in Poland, became the construction of fishing vessels for operation in tropical zones. Their construction is specially adopted to the high temperatures of water and air, and to the catch of specific fish species of tropical waters.

The cooperation of Navimor and Stocznia WISŁA with African partners resulted in a contract with the Ministry of Fisheries of Angola under which, in the years 2007-2009. Stocznia WISŁA built four complete multipurpose fishing vessels type TR 33,8, with overall length of 33,8 meters, breadth of 8,2 meters, with fishholds of 150 cubic meters capacity cooled down to -20 deg. Celsius. The ships were designed, completely built and equipped by Stocznia WISŁA which became the main polish producer of fishing vessels for tropical waters. All four vessels were delivered to Angola under own steam.

During the building of those vessels, the Shipsection Production Department was renamed to Shipsecton and Hull Production Department.

Trawlers for Angola's Ministry of Fisheries in Gdańsk, on the beginning of their voyage to Angola, and in the port of Luanda

In 2014, using its knowledge and experience in the construction of fishing vessels for operation in tropical zones, Stocznia WISŁA has built a research and fishing vessel r/v BAYAGBONA for the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research NIOMR. The state-of-the-art vessel is a combination of a specialized research and training ship fitted with equipment allowing the performance of a series of oceanographic surveys, including bottom surveys, with an industrial fishing ship equipped for performing both bottom and pelagic fishing operations.

The ship was completely designed by a team of Polish designers headed by Krzysztof Pawlak - current Chairman of the Board of Stocznia WISŁA.

To Nigeria, the vessel r/v BAYAGBONA sailed under own steam.

r/v BAYAGBONA - modern research-fishing vessel completely designed and built by Stocznia WISŁA


Due to modifications of the building technology, Stocznia WISŁA is now capable of building vessels with length up to 90 meters and width up to 30 meters.

The modernization of the Wisła Śmiała / Martwa Wisła waterway, finished in 2015, has opened new possibilities for Stocznia WISŁA - for example it is now possible for a pontoon with dimensions 91 x 27,5 meters to enter Stocznia WISŁA, as well as for the floating crane MAJA with capacity of 300 tons.

In 2017 we have begun implementing a large modernization program aimed at increasing the production capacities of Stocznia WISŁA. 

As part of this program, in 2019 we have introduced a new rail crane, with the capacity of 32 tons on 16 m outreach, and 12,5 tons on 40 m outreach.  The crane is also equipped with an auxillary winch with the capacity of 5 tons on outreach up to 45 meters, which significantly improves the service of the construction sites.

In June 2017 Stocznia WISŁA completes the construction of a partly equipped hull for Norwegian shipyard Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS.  In August 2018 Stocznia WISŁA deliveres the hull of a sister vessel to the same shipyard, hull longer by 4,5 meters as compared with the older sister, with unchanged breadth and depth.  This allowed, among others, to increase the RSW hold capacity from 420 m3 to 490 m3.

All the time Stocznia WISŁA continues to produce and deliver ship modules to MEYER NEPTUN Group Shipyards (Papenburg, Rostock, Turku).  Presently delivered modules are characterized by a constantly growing scope of outfitting, both machinery and systems, and larger scope of painting.

Taking advantage of the possibilities created by the investment and modernization program implemented in the past years and of the modifications of the building technology, in November 2019 Stocznia WISŁA completes the construction of a partly equipped hull for Norwegian shipyard Vaagland Batbyggeri AS, for fishing vessel longliner type.

This hull, with overall length of 63 meters and total weight for launching (including transport frame and supports) totalling almost 1.600 tons, is the largest and heaviest construction built by Stocznia WISŁA.

It is also the largest and heaviest construction ever built on the premises on which Stocznia WISŁA now operates, ever since the beginning of shipyard production in this area, that is since the year 1888.

The vessel, under the name GEIR, will be the largest longliner type vessel in the Norwegian fishing fleet.



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