Stocznia WISŁA specializes in the design and production of modern vessels, including fishing vessels, special purpose vessels and training and research vessels .


Stocznia WISŁA is able to build various types of vessels up to 90 meters long.

The specialization of the Shipyard is the construction of fishing vessels, training and research vessels and small passenger ships.

In Stocznia Wisła, over 150 vessels of various types and purposes have been built for clients in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Shipyard has unique know-how and achievements in the design and construction of vessels suitable to work in tropical waters.

In recent years, the most significant project of Stocznia WISŁA was the design, construction and delivery of the research-fishing vessel r/v BAYAGBONA for the Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research NIOMR.

The vessel was honored with the title of the most innovative ship produced by the Polish shipbuilding industry in 2013.

The shipyard also participated in the construction of a modern research vessel Horyzont II for the Gdynia Maritime University.

This modern ship has been designed and equipped with specialized equipment to perform various scientific and training functions.

The ship received an ice class that allows regular courses to the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean.

For the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries, Stocznia WISŁA has built a series of four MFV 208.06 multi-purpose stern trawlers.

The vessels have been designed to catch shrimps and bottom fish. They have been equipped with modern fish processing equipment and a freezing system that meets all European sanitary and veterinary standards.

Trawlers are equipped with a 700kW main engine. The main part of the fishing equipment is a massive four-reel winch with a pulling force of 10 tonnes. The freezing capacity is 4 tons / 24 hours. The frozen fish are stored at -20oC in two holds with a total volume of 150m3.

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Stocznia WISŁA has also delivered over 30 units of WKR-25 vessels for shrimp fishing in tropical waters.

Those vessels were highly appreciated by customers from Africa due to their functionality and reliability.

Ten vessels of this type were delivered on order of the Ministry of Agriculture of Iran and are remaining in service since over 20 years.

Stocznia WISŁA has also built passenger and car ferries. One of the ferries was awarded, by the country of the Shipowner - Nigeria, with its own series of postage stamps.

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