Complete ship modules


Our motto is quality and reliability, which is why we are a great partner for the most demanding Clients of the European shipbuilding market.

Complete ship modules

Stocznia WISŁA has delivered over 550 ship modules to Clients in Germany, Norway, Finland, France and Great Britain. Many of them for luxury passenger ships, military ships, as well as for various types of cargo ships and fishing vessels.

Stocznia WISŁA produces all kinds of modules, including bow, stern, midships, double bottoms and deckhouses. Stocznia WISŁA specializes in making modules and deckhouses made of thin-walled steel.

Stocznia WISŁA provides it's Customers with high quality, comprehensive services tailored to individual needs, including product transport on own seagoing pontoon.

Ship modules are built in accordance with the strictest quality standards required by our Clients - the main players of the shipbuilding industry on the European market, reputable shipowners from the cruise ship market, the maritime industry and the navy sector.

Stocznia WISŁA products were delivered and installed in ships manufactured by:

Meyer Werft - Germany
Kleven Verft - Norway
STX - France
DCNS - France
Aker - Finland
Thyssen Nordseewerke - Germany
HDW Kiel - Germany
J.J. Sietas KG - Germany

The typical scope of work includes:

  • Preparation of the workshop documentation
  • Prefabrication and assembly of construction made of marine steel, stainless steel
  • Prefabrication and assembly of foundations and steel outfitting
  • Installation of doors, windows, manholes, etc.
  • Installation of equipment, thrusters, stabilizers, etc.
  • Prefabrication and assembly of pipelines
  • Painting of the modules
  • Loading on pontoon for transport
  • Transport to the Client
  • Assembly and outfitting services on Client's site

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