Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company) was formed under Polish law as an Employees Company on the basis of an agreement made in the form of an authenticated deed dated May 1992, and formally begun operation on 1st February 1994 on the basis of an amended Company agreement dated January 1994.  The Company was registered in the Trade Registry by District Court for the City of Gdańsk, XII Economic-Register Department in section B under number:  RHB-7720, presently KRS-0000051633 dated 9th October 2001.

Since the beginning of operation of Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o. the Chairman of the one-man Board is Jerzy Pawlak, whereas the President of the three-men Supervisory Board is Roman Kinda, who are also the main shareholders of the company.  The remaining shares are in the hands of the employees of Stocznia WISŁA and Navimor International company.


Stocznia WISŁA is situated on the right bank of the Wisła Martwa river, near the fork with Wisła Śmiała river, about one nautical mile from the mouth of the Wisła Śmiała river into the Bay of Gdańsk.  From the administration point of view it is situated within the boundaries of the City of Gdańsk, in Górki Zachodnie, at Przełom 1 Street, on 18 46'50'' East and 54 21'10'' North.

On the area where Stocznia WISŁA is presently situated, as far back as 1889 an ice-breaker repair facility was erected.  Since that time the area is constantly used for shipyard activity, at first repair and afterwards production - it should be enough to mention that on the area of today's Stocznia WISŁA over 1.500 vessels of different type and purpose were built many of which are still in operation, praising the name of the Polish shipyard worker on the seas and oceans worldwide.

Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o. is continuing this proud tradition.


At present, Stocznia WISŁA is specialized in the design and production of complete fishing and research-fishing vessels and steel marine constructions, mainly equipped modules, blocks and sections of ship's hull, but also deckhouses and complete hulls.  In our offer we also have a wide variety of fishing  vessels and other small vessels for different purposes.

Since the beginning of our activity we have cooperated with many leading European shipyards, and all larger Polish shipards.  Together with our commercial partner, Navimor International, Sopot, we have executed a considerable amount of interesting and demanding contracts.


The transverse slipway of Stocznia WISŁA allows the construction of vessels with lenghts up to 40 meters.  The assembly stands on Stocznia WISŁA quays allow the production of steel marine constructions and inland large-scale bulky constructions with height up to 28 meters and unit weight of up to abt. 1.100 tons. 

The modern, undergoing constant improvement equipment and the highly competent staff of Stocznia WISŁA ensure the fulfillement of even the highest quality standards imposed by our Clients.

              Stocznia WISŁA Sp. z o.o. 80-643 Gdańsk, ul. Przełom 1, tel. +48 58 307-39-53, fax +48 58 307-39-13